About us

Asia Authentic Travel was established in 2015 by a group of like-minded local travel experts, we made it our mission to provide great holidays to our customers around the world.

Our team of professional experts has been delivering the kind of travel experiences that “money can’t buy” for the last few years, providing our guests to get a great trip.
Trips are made by Asia Authentic Travel inspired by our passion for showcasing the very best of Southeast Asia, refined by years of experience living in the region. That provides the customer a straight view of people, culture, history, and nature…

Why choose Asia Authentic Travel?

We create experience for you

We create trips be suiting the plan, the hobby of travelers

We are local

We have great local travel consultants living throughout Southeast Asia to help you have insight into the best hotels, food, activities, and attractions that are second to none.


The trip was crafted meticulously from small things such as hotels, transfer, tour guide, and meals... All share our commitment to excellence and environmental sustainability.

Great prices

A penny you spent, we always appreciate and understand that the service is worth it.

Responsible Travel and Giving Back

We are passionate about traveling responsibly. Sharing this action with everyone to ensure that communities thrive and both cultural heritage and the environment is preserved in all the destinations we visit. Besides, we take part in the charity's activities.

How it works

Craft Your Dream Vacation

Include the essentials like as dates, desired activities, the kind of experiences you'd like to have, and the type of places you'd like to stay while on your trip. Because this is one of our specialties, the devoted specialists will assist you in resolving this issue. Your vacation is all about YOU; it's planned according to your hopes, aspirations, and finances, so let us know what you have in mind.
We pay attention to every little thing. In order to get you ready for your trip, we will provide you with everything from packing lists and assistance obtaining visas to dinner reservations and information on your destination.

Refine your travel plans.

Our travel expert will work directly with you to plan, and edit a fantastic vacation that fulfills all of your needs, wants, and wishes.

Book with confidence!

You should only make a purchase once you have thoroughly reviewed your vacation plan.

Enjoy your trip!

Our team at Asia Authentic Travel will be with you every step of the journey, so you can rest easy

Create your custom-made trip

You can’t find your tour to follow your request. Don’t worry. Let’s share your thinking about your expert on this trip with our team who will help you to get a great itinerary.


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