Privacy Policy

We at Asia Authentic Travel are aware of the need of maintaining your privacy. We consider every one of our guests to be a member of our family and take great care to safeguard the information that you have entrusted to our care. When we think of ourselves here at Asia Authentic Travel, we prefer to think of ourselves less as a travel company and more as a company of people who travel. Our goal is to provide each of our customers with an unforgettable travel experience. The more information we have about you, the more accurately we can tailor your experience to meet your needs. In order to complete your reservation, we will need you to fill out an information packet. This information will be safeguarded by us, and we guarantee that it will be kept strictly confidential. We assure you that we will never share or sell any of your personal information.

Which pieces of information are necessary for us?

In order to provide airport pick-up or drop-off services, as well as to guarantee that you will have sufficient time to get at the airport in time for your trip, we require information regarding your flight. In addition, we require information on your passport. When you book certain excursions with us, we will ask for information from your passport because local service providers (such as hotels and ships) require this information. Regarding dietary matters, we are aware that many individuals choose to adhere to particular diets or are compelled to do so. We shall do our best to satisfy your requirements whenever it is possible. Your information will be provided to our Amazing Tours guides, and they are the ones who will get in touch with the restaurants and hotels to make sure that all of your needs are met.

Details Regarding Your Body and Health We need to know your age, gender, height, and general health in order to fit you with the right gear that will guarantee both your physical well-being and your personal safety.

Personal Preferences: At Amazing Tours, we make it a priority to offer you the greatest possible degree of individualized attention and service. When you make your reservation, members of our sales staff will make a note of any specific requests or preferences that you have shared with them. Because of this, our tour guides will be able to not only meet but also surpass your expectations.
A penny you spent, we always appreciate and understand that the service is worth it. We don't have the cheapest price, that is the most reasonable price.

Links: There is a possibility that this website will provide access to other websites. Take note that when you enter another website by clicking on one of these links, you will be leaving this one. We strongly suggest that you take some time to read the privacy policies posted on the websites to which you are linked.

Our Promise

We at Amazing Tours are aware of the need of maintaining your privacy. We consider every one of our guests to be a member of our family and take great care to safeguard the information that you have entrusted to our care. With the information that we are requesting from you, we will be able to give you the best possible personalized service on each and every Amazing Tours excursion. We will not release any personal information to any other firm or person (save in the cases indicated above) without first obtaining the informed agreement of a traveler unless we are forced by law to do so.
We pay attention to every little thing. In order to get you ready for your trip, we will provide you with everything from packing lists and assistance obtaining visas to dinner reservations and information on your destination.

If you have any questions, issues, or comments, please email us at:

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