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18 days


Hanoi, Vietnam


Siem Reap, Cambodia

Age Range

12+ (All travelers under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult)



Hanoi, Ninh Binh, Halong Bay, Hue, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh, Cu Chi, My Tho, Cai Be, Tan Chau, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap

Luxurious Vietnam & Cambodia Vacation 18 days


This Luxury Holiday Vietnam & Cambodia 18 days will take go from Hanoi to Siem Reap, the home of Angkor Wat and other stunning wonders in Vietnam and Cambodia. The itinerary includes a luxury Indochine junk cruise as well as a restored French colonial riverboat ride from Ho Chi Minh through the Mekong Delta and into Phnom Penh, Cambodia. On the way, stop in Ninh Binh, Hoi An, imperial Hue, and lively Ho Chi Minh City. It’s easy to fall in love with Vietnam and Cambodia, with their delectable cuisine, rich culture and history, stunning landscapes, and kind people. There is so much to see and do in Vietnam and Cambodia that it will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Why would you like Luxury Holiday Vietnam & Cambodia 18 days?

  • Take this one-of-a-kind north-to-south journey through Vietnam to observe both urban and rural life.
  • Tour Hanoi, Vietnam’s old capital. Take a look at the top things to do in Hanoi.
  • Discover Ninh Binh’s stunning Mua Cave and Tam Coc River.
  • Unwind in the charming riverside village of Hoi An.
  • Exploring Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), the ‘Pearl of the Orient.’
  • Get a glimpse into the life of people in the Mekong Delta.
  • On a restored French colonial barge, cruise the Mekong River in luxury.
  • Be astounded by Angkor Wat and its UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Your vacation can be tailored to your schedule, preferences, and budget.
  • Private guided excursions and transfers to enhance your stay


After Hanoi

A cyclo tour of Hanoi is an excellent way to become acquainted with the city’s historic districts, and the novelty of riding one of these three-wheeled marvels is guaranteed to please tourists of all ages. Explore prominent monuments, take a stroll around Hoan Kiem Lake, and get a glimpse of daily life in the French Quarter. Take in a water puppet play to get a firsthand look at traditional Vietnamese culture. Water puppetry originated in Vietnam’s Red River Delta. Farmers made water puppets to entertain themselves and their families when the fields were flooded between crops.


Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Visit Ninh Binh to learn about Vietnam’s rich cultural past. We wholeheartedly recommend a family adventure that involves a bike ride or a hike up the Tôi 500 steps in Hang Mua, or taking the sampans along the scenic valley, past verdant rice fields and charming villages.


Cruises to Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay

In a lovely boat, sail the calm waters of Lan Ha Bay in the Halong Bay archipelago. Rest for a while and participate in some of the ship’s activities. Take a swim or try your hand at kayaking.



Explore Hue, the medieval imperial city known for its royal tombs, pagodas, and fortress. Visit Emperor Khai Dinh’s mausoleum and the majestic Thien Mu Pagoda, which stands seven floors tall.


Hoi An

Hoi An is a picturesque riverbank village with narrow lanes, merchant houses, market stalls, bright lanterns, and the iconic Japanese Bridge that is all worth seeing. Spend the day at the beach or shopping at local stores in Hoi An.


Ho Chi Minh City and the Cu Chi Tunnel

Throughout the Vietnam War, hundreds of North Vietnamese fighters used the Cu Chi Tunnels as hospitals, food and weapon caches, living quarters, and communication and supply routes. You and your children can experience what it was like to live underground during the war in less dangerous locations. The Cu Chi Tunnels will not be frightening to most children, but they will be sad. And there is a bust in Ho Chi City, where time passes quickly, but old structures endure day by day.



The Mekong River and its numerous tributaries and canals are critical to the life of the people who live in the Mekong Delta, which is a vast expanse of highly farmed land. Some local households lack the financial means to purchase the sampan boats required to make a living in the region.


A river cruise down the Mekong to Phnom Penh

A spectacular French Colonial steamer will take you to remote villages, historic cities, and ancient temples along the Mekong River. Cai Be is an excellent spot to discover how the natives have survived for ages on the water. Visit the historic town of Sa Dec, the beautiful island of Cu Lao Gieng, and the village of Hong Ngu, where local ladies create traditional Khmer scarves. When you eventually get to Cambodia, the architecture along the riverbanks will change dramatically.

This sample itinerary for your adventure vacation in Vietnam is intended to inspire your plans. All excursions and transfers, except the cruise section, are done on an individual basis.

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Day 1: Arrival

Day 2: Hanoi City (B, L)

Day 3: Hanoi – Ninh Binh (B, L)

Day 4: Hanoi – Halong Bay (B, L, D)

Day 5: Halong Bay – Hanoi – Hue (B, L)

Day 6: Hue City Tour – Hoi An (B, L)

Day 7: Hoi An (B, L)

Day 8: Hoi An (B)

Day 9: Hoi An – Ho Chi Minh (B)

Day 10: Ho Chi Minh City – Cu Chi Tunnel (B, L)

Day 11: Ho Chi Minh – My Tho – Cai Be (B, L, D)

Day 12: Cai Be - Tan Chau (B, L, D)

Day 13: Tan Chau – Vietnam/Cambodia border (B, L, D)

Day 14: Phnom Penh (B, L)

Day 15: Phnom Penh – Siem Reap (B)

Day 16: Siem Reap (B, L)

Day 17: Siem Reap (B)

Day 18: Departure (B)


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Detailed itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Hanoi

Xin Chao! Welcome to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam.

As soon as you step off the aircraft, a hostess will be waiting for you with a beaming smile and holding a welcome signboard with your name on it. She will assist you in getting through the fast-tracked (VIP) process to get your visa stamped. After you have collected your bags and gotten a stamp for your visa, the hostess will gladly lead you to your waiting guide and driver so that you may be transferred directly to the central location of your hotel. Have fun on your journey through the crowded streets. After you've settled in at your hotel, use the remainder of the day to get some rest and get ready for an exciting trip to Vietnam.


Please note: Your travel documents should include a letter that allows you to obtain a visa upon arrival. Carry this on. Customs requires your Visa-on-Arrival letter upon entering.

Day 2: Hanoi – Highlights of Hanoi

After breakfast, your personal guide will come to the hotel to pick you up and take you on your adventure.

You should start your tour by going to Ho Chi Minh's House, which is a plain wooden house in a serene environment where the legendary leader of the country lived and worked.

Continue on to the Tran Quoc Pagoda, which was built in the sixth century and is Hanoi's oldest pagoda. It is located on a small island in West Lake. Take note of the numerous statues depicting lotus flowers and other Buddhist relics. Visit the Quan Thanh Temple, which dates back to the 11th century and features a wide courtyard with a giant banyan tree as well as a shrine dedicated to the most important deities in Taoism.

Visit the Temple of Literature in the afternoon. It was the site of Vietnam's first national university and was constructed in the late 11th century.

Back to the heart of Hanoi for a one-hour cyclo tour of the historic Old Quarter, which is renowned for its '36 streets of 36 products,' so-called because they are named after the first 36 artisan guilds that were established as early as the 13th century. Discover the interesting labyrinth of back lanes, fronted by narrow houses, which offers a wonderfully eclectic look into the life on the streets of Hanoi.

The day will come to a close with a rousing performance of water puppetry, an art form that is exclusive to the northern region of Vietnam and is supposed to have originated in the flooded rice fields of the Red River Delta. The presentation is set to music and features colorful wooden puppets that illustrate scenes of living in rural areas as well as events from national history.

In the late afternoon, we made our way back to the hotel.


Overnight in Hanoi

Meal: Breakfast, lunch

Day 3: Hanoi – Ninh Binh


Your guide will collect you from the hotel after breakfast, and then you'll be on your way to explore Ninh Binh's breathtaking mountain beauty. Ninh Binh, only 2 hours from Hanoi, is mostly unexplored despite its stunning limestone karst terrain and abundance of underground streams and grottos.

First, let's visit the Hoa Lu area, which is known for its extensive cultural heritage. Visit the Hoa Lu old capital, a pivotal site in the history of Viet Nam. The history of Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh, the country's initial capital, is detailed here. Learn about the extraordinary and one-of-a-kind architecture that can be found in some of the most well-known temples built by King Dinh and King Le, who both made significant contributions to the development of old land.

The lunch will be served at the local restaurant.



Take a boat excursion from the Trang An dock to have a memorable and enjoyable experience while in Ninh Binh. Trang An eco-tourism complex is the Unesco World Heritage site on your itinerary. This is a must-do activity during your time here. Being on your rowing bamboo boat, you will get the opportunity to explore various grottos filled with stunning stalactites and take in the breathtaking scenery of the Trang An Tour.

Take your time on a leisurely bike ride across the area, and as you ride through the backroads, you will see limestone karsts and beautiful vistas countryside. Our tour guide will introduce to you the local life. Arrive at Mua Cave Mountain, where a short hike leads to a spectacular overlook with a breathtaking view of the Ngo Dong River below, which winds around the high mountains. The view from the overlook is breathtaking.

After a great day, we come back to Hanoi city.


Overnight in Hanoi.

Meal: Breakfast, lunch

Day 4: Hanoi – Halong Bay

After breakfast, you will have a journey to the city of Halong, which will take around two hours by car, and then you will take a speedboat from the port to your beautiful boat.

The lunch will be served to you as the boat travels on to our destination, passing by an almost unlimited number of islands and islets. Unquestionably a genuinely wonderful encounter.

Unwind and take in the entrancing atmosphere that envelops you thanks to the otherworldly setting of the ocean while relaxing on the terrace deck or on your own private balcony.

Are you prepared to take part in the activity now? Let's get out on the boat and spend an hour paddling on kayaks. If you don't like kayaking, don't worry, you can also swim.

When the time has passed, you will make your way back to the boat in order to participate in a lively sundown party on the sundeck. In this area, you will have the opportunity to socialize with other vacationers while you take in the beautiful beauty of Halong Bay while listening to soothing music.

As the sun begins to drop, we make our way to the peaceful anchorage where we will spend the night.  A great day is off by indulging in a sumptuous dinner prepared by our chef. After that, you are free to do whatever you wish with your time, such as fishing or just unwinding.


Overnight on Halong Bay

Meal: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Day 5: Halong Bay – Flight to Hue

Get up early and join us for a practice of Tai Chi on the terrace deck. This will help you relax your mind and muscles as you watch the first rays of sunlight strike the sea. The dining room is stocked with beverages such as coffee, tea, and pastries perfect for starting the day off well.

After breakfast, you'll be prepared to embark on the day's main adventure: exploring the Cave. That is one of the most stunning and alluring caves in Halong Bay, it is a remarkable destination. Your knowledgeable tour guide will talk you everything there is to know about it.

Proceed with your cruise across the Bay, which is characterized by its limestone rocks and several little islands. An ever-evolving background for photography can be found in the form of grottoes and little beaches that are abandoned and were sculpted out by wind and sea. Not to mention the mental pictures of ancient junks or basket boats floating off in the distance on glistening waters. You will be transferred back to your accommodation in Ha Noi after being dropped off at the dock around midday. You might find it interesting to watch a performance of water puppetry in the late afternoon. This is a style of performance art that originated in the rice paddies of northern Vietnam.

After then, the boat will continue crashing into numerous islands and islets, giving you a good perspective of Halong Bay's breathtaking splendor. Vietnam is the only country in the world where such a site exists!

Later, as you have a delicious lunch, we'll cruise back to the pier. After that, it will be time to disembark and bid the boat crew farewell.

A private car will take you to the airport to get the flight to Hue. Another driver will pick you up at the airport and transfer you to the hotel in Hue.


Overnight in Hue

Meal: Breakfast, lunch

Day 6: Hue – Heritage Tour


The guide will come to your hotel to pick you up. You will go on a one-day tour of Hue to learn more about this beautiful city. Take a dragon boat to the first place, Thien Mu Pagoda (Heaven Fairy Lady Pagoda), which is the oldest pagoda in Hue City. The morning boat ride to the pagoda will be a great way to start the trip. The Perfume River's fresh air will make you feel very good. Visit The Citadel. The Nguyen Dynasty, Vietnam's last royal family, lived in Imperial City. After the Citadel, our car will take you to the Dong Ba market, which is Hue's busiest and has a lot of different foods and goods. You can see how people in the area buy and sell things here. This is also a chance to buy gifts for your family and friends. We ate lunch at a nearby restaurant that served food from Asia and Vietnam.



Visit Khai Dinh Tomb, which is a mix of Western and Eastern architecture. A quick trip to the Minh Mang Tomb, which is thought to be the most beautiful of all the Royal Tombs. It is known for its architecture, which fits in well with the natural environment.

At the end of the day, you will arrive at Truc Chi Garden, an art workshop specializing in bamboo and papercraft. You will have the opportunity to speak with one of the other students there, and you will also be given the opportunity to participate in a hands-on activity in which you will learn how to produce artwork using the etching technique with bamboo pulp.

After a great day, the driver will take you back to your hotel.


Overnight in Hue

Meal: Breakfast, lunch

Day 7: Hue - Hoi An – Walking and Food Tour


After breakfast at the hotel. Let’s check out of the room and get a private car to move to Hoi An Old Town. Check-in at your hotel.



Your tour guide will transport you to the Ancient Quarter of Hoi An, where you will go on a walking tour of the principal monuments, including Chua Ong Pagoda, Tan Ky Ancient House, Fujian Assembly Hall, and Japanese Covered Bridge.

Continue to see the Precious Heritage Museum, where Réhahn's Precious Heritage Collection is on permanent display. The collection will transport you to the most remote regions of Vietnam while revealing the rich cultural tapestry of the ethnic communities.

The highlight of the day is a visit to the Reaching Out Tea House, a delightful oasis of peace in the bustling, dynamic Old Town that is owned and maintained by deaf and mute individuals. Here, you will be served delectable Eastern-style pastries and tea of the highest quality.

Proceed to the home of the lantern maker. There, you may see the lantern craftsman's technique before engaging in hands-on labor through each stage of lantern-making under the direction of enthusiastic craftsmen: from bending the frame, cutting the fabric, and gluing the lanterns to completing them. Before the conclusion of this journey, you will have crafted your own lantern.

Now is the time for your discovery trip of Hoi An's street food. With your guide, you will navigate the narrow alleyways and dine with locals at stalls you would never find on your own. Every day at 4 p.m., the streets of Hoi An are flooded with food carts, kiosks, and sellers. The street food tour is an excellent opportunity to sample some of the Hoi An specialties prepared by locals, meet the people behind the stock pots, and see how Hoi An natives handle those condiment trays!


Overnight in Hoi An

Meal: Breakfast, street food tour

Day 8: Hoi An – Day at Leisure

You are free to relax and make use of the many amenities offered by the resort. Or get a cycle to take a countryside trip.


Overnight in Hoi An

Meal: Breakfast

Day 9: Hoi An – Flight to Ho Chi Minh City


Enjoy your time in Hoian Old Town. Let’s walk the ancient streets of Hoi An, lined with Chinese traders’ homes and wooden houses reincarnated as restaurants, cafés, and outlets for local artists, craftsmen, and tailors.



Transfer to the airport for a short flight to Ho Chi Minh previously known as Saigon. The driver will pick you up at the airport and transfer you to the hotel. And this is free time to explore Ho Chi Minh in your way.


Overnight in Ho Chi Minh

Meal: Breakfast

Day 10: HCM City – Cu Chi Tunnels


After breakfast, you will be greeted by your guide and driven to Cu Chi, a small village located northwest of Ho Chi Minh City known for its network of subterranean tunnels that served as a safe haven and successful infiltration route for the Viet Cong during the closing stages of the Vietnam War.

Upon arrival, you will view a brief instructional movie before visiting the tunnels, the most renowned battlegrounds of the period. It is thought that the concealed network of Viet Cong tunnels spanned "hundreds of miles" in total length and contained living quarters, storage areas, temporary hospitals, kitchens, etc. Although the system was initially somewhat narrow, some sections have been enlarged for tourists, and you have the option to explore them.

Please note that these tunnels will be hot and claustrophobic, so if you want to watch from above ground, that is an option.

Cassava, the staple diet of the Viet Cong soldiers, is served alongside a tart tea. After exploring the Cu Chi Tunnels, return to the city with lunch at the local restaurant on way.



Spend the remainder of the day touring Ho Chi Minh City's major attractions. The Notre Dame Cathedral, the ornate City Hall (Hotel De Ville), the old Opera House, the historic Rex Hotel, the Central Post Office, renowned for its architecture, and Ben Thanh Market, where vendors display a vast array of goods and handicrafts, appealing to every taste, are particularly recommended.

Later, visit the Reunification Palace and the War Remnants Museum for a somber and enlightening look at Vietnam's military history and violent past.


Overnight in Ho Chi Minh

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 11: Ho Chi Minh – My Tho – Cai Be

In the morning, we meet and greet our guests at the welcome lounge hotel. Relax with a second cup of coffee while our team takes down your information in preparation for cruising on the Mekong River. We say our goodbyes to the frenetic activity of Saigon and depart on a land journey that will take us 70 kilometers south to My Tho, where we will board our sailboat. After settling into your opulent floating "home" for the next few days, your initial impulse may be to step out onto your balcony to observe the ship departing on its enthralling journey up the Mekong River as soon as you have finished checking in.


While the boat makes its way gradually upstream, the restaurant puts on a lunch buffet for passengers. Now it is time to become familiar with one of the largest rivers in Asia, which is estimated to run for a total distance of 4,909 kilometers (3,050 miles) and discharges 475 cubic kilometers (114 cubic mi) of water on an annual basis. This great river, which provides its residents with food and protection, is honored by millions of people from China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The river is considered a national treasure in all of these countries.


While the boat makes its journey upstream, allow your mind and spirit to drift freely along with your sight. As it is commonly believed that breathing in "nautical air" can induce feelings of hunger, we would like to extend a warm invitation to you to join us for afternoon tea in our open-air bar as the sun sets over the Mekong Delta. While you're having some excellent snacks, get to know the other people that are traveling with you. You are free to spend the remainder of your cruise day either unwinding on your own personal balcony or being treated by the therapists at the ship's Apsara Spa.


The ship will have arrived at Cai Be by the time you have finished your delectable meal. This ancient town was founded in the 19th century by Vietnam's last reigning family, the Nguyen dynasty. It is located on the Mekong River at the point where Tien Giang, Vinh Long, and Ben Tre provinces meet. Cai Be would eventually become the most important water-based commerce hub in the surrounding region, as we will see when we pay a visit to the floating market the day after tomorrow. We drop anchor in the middle of the river close to Cai Be and spend the night there. If you are in the mood for some evening amusement, there is a cinema in the lounge that shows excellent documentaries and vintage movies every night. If you are in the mood for some evening entertainment, you may check it out.


Overnight on the boat

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Day 12: Cai Be – Tan Chau

Get up early so you can take in the breathtaking views as the sun rises over the horizon. Participating in our regular morning Tai Chi lesson will round out the experience perfectly. After that, there will be a delicious breakfast buffet waiting for you.


The boat has arrived in the picturesque market town of Cai Be, which is well-known for its Catholic French church as well as the production of a variety of traditional goods including cuisine and crafts. Because more and more people are choosing to do their business in modern markets rather than on the water, the formerly vast floating market of Cai Be is gradually shrinking year after year. You may still witness local things being traded from boat to boat, such as fruits and agricultural products, and try to picture what this must have looked like on a much larger scale. The long-standing history of trading is explained to us by our tour guide, who also explains that each boat carries a unique marking to indicate to potential customers what kinds of things they have for sale.


As we make our way through the network of verdant canals aboard a local boat, you get a good look at the farmers at work in the fields. The production of rice paste, rice paper, rice biscuits, and rice wine are demonstrated to us during our stop ashore at a workshop. Because the area surrounding Cai Be is so densely forested with palm trees, it is also well-known for the manufacture of coconut sweets in this part of the world. While the boat continues to go upstream, you have the opportunity to spend some time by yourself, visit the bar, and relax with a traditional cup of Vietnamese coffee while watching the people and activities along the riverbanks go by.


In the afternoon, the ship enters the region of Sa Dec and docks at Binh Thanh Island, which is one of the bigger islands in the broad stream of the Mekong. Growing water hyacinths is the primary source of income for the communities that have established themselves here. We limit ourselves to exploring just one of these undeveloped regions. Simply by walking around the village, we are able to gain a profound insight into the native way of life. For example, one of the local artisans walks you through the steps of manufacturing a traditional mat from start to finish. You may try your hand at weaving on your own. A local elderly couple that we meet and talk to about their life on the island is another highlight of our time here. They are always happy to strike up conversations with our customers and visitors.


When you go back on board, the time is yours. As the ship continues to sail into Tan Chau, our knowledgeable guide will give a presentation about living in the Mekong Delta during the evening. Tan Chau is a lovely, slow-paced border town near the Cambodian border that is home to a sizable Chinese, Kinh, and Khmer community. We find a spot to moor close to the city and enjoy the sights of the riverbanks.


Overnight on the boat

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Day 13: Tan Chau – Vietnam/cambodia border – Phnom Penh

Visit the Vietnamese fish sanctuary. When we go ashore, we ride aboard Xe Loi, which are traditional vehicles that are still employed as taxis in this region, and get a glimpse of the bustling town life in Tan Chau. Your personal Xe Loi driver will take you around the streets at a leisurely pace so that you may take in the sights of all the workshops, homes, and stores while getting a feel for the chill atmosphere of this location. We make a pit stop at the vibrant local market that is located next to one of the town's temples. This is a fantastic opportunity to engage in conversation with the local merchants of this welcoming town and to give haggling a shot with them.


We get on one of the local boats and make our way to a floating fish farm so that we can see what makes Tan Chau so renowned. You are going to receive an insider's glimpse into the industry that is responsible for the most inland aquaculture in the world. Every one of the floating structures has netting that hangs down into the water below it. This allows the fish, which are being reared and fed on a regular basis, to be contained within the structure. The tilapia and the Basa catfish, also known as Pangasius, which is native to the Mekong River basin and is quickly becoming more well-known on the global seafood market are the region's two most well-known delicacies.


Once we are back on our "home" ship, we set sail for the border between Vietnam and Cambodia. In the direction of Phnom Penh, you will be on a relaxing cruise that will take you through the fascinating countryside of Cambodia.


You have complete control over the remainder of the afternoon. From this vantage point, even the very last passenger activates their cruise control and, with any luck, is able to feel the calming effect that this powerful river has to offer. The afternoon is ideal for getting massages, unwinding on a sunbed on the terrace deck, or kicking back and relaxing on a private balcony. Cast a charm so that you might become one with the water and float along in a state of calm contentment.


The boat arrives in Phnom Penh and docks either in the middle of the stream or at the pier. Enjoy your time onboard with our onboard entertainment, socialize at our public venues, or relay in the privacy of your cabin (due to immigration rules, passengers may not be permitted to go on land this evening). Enjoy your time onboard with our onboard entertainment, socialize at our public venues, or relay in the peace of your cabin.


Overnight on the boat

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Day 14: Phnom Penh

Susadei! Welcome to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

You have arrived in Phnom Penh, a city that was formerly known as the Paris of the East. In spite of the fact that it has undergone fast development, a significant amount of its rustic charm and beauty has been preserved. It is a wonderful town that has a tremendous history and culture that dates back centuries and can still be experienced at many different street corners.


Before you leave the ship, you can savor your final breakfast in the floating home. You will meet your guide and start the Phnom Penh trip. your tour guide will take you on a tour of the National Museum, Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda, Independence Monument, Russian Market, and Wat Phnom. Then we ate lunch at a Cambodian restaurant in the area.



You can learn more about these terrible years by going to the famous Tuol Sleng Museum of Genocidal Crimes and Cheung Ek, also called the "Killing Fields." It is a very sad thing to do, but you will be glad you went to these two places. When you go to Cambodia, you won't meet many people who didn't lose a family member during these years, but everyone is willing to talk openly with you about it. So that it doesn't happen again, they want you to know about it and see the places where it happened.


Overnight in Phnom Penh

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 15: Phnom Penh – Siem Reap

After breakfast, you and your driver will head to Phnom Penh's airport so you may catch a flight to the heart of Angkor Archaeological Park.


While in Siem Reap, have a native driver transport you to a gorgeous resort where you may spend the evening doing anything you choose.


Overnight in Siem Reap

Meals included: Breakfast

Day 16: Siem Reap – Full-Day Temple Exploration

Today, with the assistance of your guide and driver, you will spend an entire day touring the 400-square-kilometer Angkor Archaeological Park, which includes forested areas. The park features the beautiful ruins of five Khmer capitals from the ninth to the fifteenth century.



Avoid the crowds by beginning your day with a visit to the 13th-century Ta Prohm, a hauntingly beautiful temple where the roots of giant banyans and strangler figs entwine much of the stonework, creating scenes that have changed little since the French explorer Henri Mouhot rediscovered Angkor in 1863. This temple makes the 'Tomb Raider Temple' one of the most memorable and magnificent Angkor monuments.

Continue your explorations by visiting Angkor Thom, the ancient capital of the Great Khmer Empire, which once dominated a large portion of Southeast Asia. This city is enclosed by an 8-meter-tall wall that forms a perfect square. You will enter the city through the old South Gate, a colossal stone gate engraved with four enormous faces and elephants. A row of 54 gods or demons holds the sacred Naga serpent on each side of the entranceway.

Return to the hotel for a break from the midday heat at the hotel.



Your adventures will continue when you visit the late 12th-century Buddhist monastery Banteay Kdei ("Citadel of Chambers") and Sra Srang, also known as the "pool of ablutions." The Bayon Temple is located in the precise center of the historic city. This majestic masterpiece from the 12th century is famous for its 54 towers with mysterious faces representing the 54 provinces of the Great Khmer Empire.

Both the Terrace of the Elephants and the Terrace of the Leper King are noted for their exquisite bas-reliefs, therefore you will also see them. On your stroll through the grounds of the ancient Royal Palace, you will see a number of little-visited, secret temples.

Take a leisurely gondola boat ride across the moats of Angkor Thom to end your day of touring. Imagine the royal metropolis when it controlled over two million people nearly 800 years ago in peaceful isolation. As the sun approaches the horizon, make your way to Prasat Chrung, a modest temple built in the manner of Bayon, and ascend an iron staircase to a secluded spot for spectacular views of the ruins at sunset.



Let's enjoy your free time.


Overnight in Siem Reap

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch

Day 17: Siem Reap – Tonle Sap Lake


After breakfast and check out. You will be picked up by your guide and driver and transported to one of the largest and least-visited fishing towns on the Tonle Sap Lake, Kompong Khleang, some 55km southeast of Siem Reap. On the way, you'll stop for sticky rice and then take a diversion into the countryside. During the wet season, you will see families cultivating rice paddies as you travel along dirt roads.

Board a private motorized boat upon arrival to tour Kompong Khleang, the other two floating towns, and the Great Lake. Explore the city's canals (during the wet season) or streets (during the dry season). During the rainy season, the houses appear to be floating, as water laps at the verandas; but, during the dry season, the buildings' towering stilts are visible, making them like wooden skyscrapers.

During the boat journey, you will stop to see where the Bridge of Life is located, as well as to visit a Cambodian pagoda and a village home built on stilts to learn more about village life. Explore the lake's open water to witness a small floating community and learn more about this magnificent natural flood barrier.

Your tour will conclude with a boat journey back to the harbor, where your driver will be ready to transport you to the hotel.



You are free to relax and make use of the many amenities offered by the resort.


Overnight in Siem Reap

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch

Day 18: Departure

Start your day with a tasty breakfast at your hotel.

Free time to do some shopping and explore around before departing to the airport, where you catch your flight home or to your next destination; we will assist you with the planning.


The tour may be over, but the beautiful memories you have collected during these last 18 days will stay in your mind for the rest of your life. This is what we want to offer you: a tour that brings you great local experiences and makes you smile each time you think of them!

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What's Included


Hotels (12 nights), Boat on Halong Bay (1 night), Mekong Boat (3 nights)



17 breakfasts, 12 lunches, 4 dinners, 1 street food

This tour offers Jain, Vegetarian, Vegan, Halal and Kosher food options on request. Simply let our Customer Support team know the food option that you prefer.


Car, plane, walking, boat, cycling.


Entrance ticket

Entrance and sightseeing fee.


Staff & experts

CEO (Chief Experience Officer) throughout, local guides.

What’s Not Included

Your international flights from and to Vietnam, personal expenses, tips to guide and driver.

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Mr. Eric (Tuan Anh)


Ms. Rossie


Ms. Junie


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Ms. Ali Dao


Ms. Chow Tran


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