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Ha Giang Roadside adventures

At every turn in Ha Giang, you will be greeted by breathtaking panoramas that will take your breath away, such as lush rainforests, rocky peaks, pastoral scenes, and surreal landscapes. The “Ha Giang Loop” connects the region’s most iconic sights, but if you get off the beaten path, you’ll find that there are many other enriching activities to partake in. When planning your trip to Ha Giang, be sure to keep these top activities in mind.


Feb 29, 2024

Top 7 things to do in Hoi An

Top 7 things to do in HOI AN


No one was surprised when Hoi An won the 29th World Travel Awards (Asia & Oceania) for "Asia's Leading Cultural City Destination 2022" in September. The lovely yellow town knocked over other finalists, such as Seoul (South Korea) and Kyoto (Japan), thanks to its rich history and diverse tourism options.

The UNESCO World Heritage site has been used as a port since the second century A.D. Its heyday was in the 16th century when it attracted merchants from all over the globe. It was a crossroads where native ways of life met those of people from other parts of the world, such as Europe, China, and Japan.

Visitors to Hoi An come for a variety of reasons, including the town's picturesque landscape, its beaches, and its accessibility to other attractions. Still, it is the town's cultural significance that ultimately leaves the most lasting effect. Hoi An is a destination that no history buff or art lover should skip.

Seven of the best things to do in Hoi An are listed here.


Feb 28, 2024

Hanoi Travel Information

Hanoi Travel Information. The city of Hanoi serves as the Vietnamese capital and is the country's second-largest metropolis. There were 2.6 million people living in its urban areas in 2009, and 2.5 million in its metropolitan area.

From the year 1010 until the year 1802, it served as the political epicenter of Vietnam. Hanoi was the capital of French Indochina from 1902 until 1954 when it was replaced by Hu, the imperial capital of Vietnam during the Nguyen dynasty (1802-1945). Before becoming the capital of a unified Vietnam in 1976, it served as the capital of North Vietnam from 1954 to 1976.

The city sits on the western bank of the Red River. There are 1,760 kilometers (1,090 miles) between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, and 120 kilometers (75 miles) between Hanoi and Hai Phong.


Feb 28, 2024

Best Time To Travel To Vietnam

The great thing about arranging a trip to travel to Vietnam is that there is really no bad time to go. Given its length of 1,650 kilometers (1,025 miles), it may be helpful to divide Vietnam into three distinct regions for your vacation planning. These are the Northern, Central, and Southern regions of Vietnam. In most months, you can expect some amount of rain and some amount of sunshine. As long as you pack appropriately, you won't have to let a little rain (or any other kind of bad weather) in Vietnam dampen your trip. There is, after all, "no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing," as the saying goes. In general, September through December or March and April are the best times to travel to Vietnam if you intend to travel throughout the entire country. Let's learn the detailed climate from Northern to Southern Vietnam before taking the trip to travel to Vietnam.


Feb 28, 2024

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